Activist Issues.. which one?

Change others and you can change the world together. But first, you have to open your eyes.

I feel passionately about a lot of issues.. so which one do you put your time and energy into? You get more people on board so you’re no longer one person!

How do you feel about how you live your life? Do you think you’re a caring person? You might try to do your good deed everyday. Feel good about yourself. But how much do you truly analyse the world you live in on a bigger scale?

We no longer live a natural life. Almost everything about westernised 21st Century living has been made artificial. People seem to think this makes them smarter and more civilised yet we ignore everything that is happening around us. To our planet. To the people and creatures we are causing pain and suffering to.

We show compassion and caring when we see sad stories on the news, hear about death and war and poverty, see pictures of near extinct species, see baby animals, see the damage happening around the world. Yet noone seems to feel responsible. We all are.

  • I disagree with the way we farm our meat, fish, milk and eggs.. check out the videos below, I couldn’t put it better myself. If you eat any of this, you support the industries. I don’t disagree with eating meat etc. in principle, but not like this. It doesn’t have to be like this. This has happened because of our greed, for food and for money. It needs to stop.
  • I feel strongly about our environment and how our lifestyle is affecting it, our general attitude, pollution levels, the use of plastic (
  • I don’t agree with how our country is run in many many ways. I believe it is psychologically damaging and unnatural ( I think I’ve spoken about this is some of my earlier posts, emphasis being put on working hard to ‘earn a living’ and having to earn the basic necessities for human survival and it being pretty much illegal to source them yourself. On top of that how much tax we pay in this current world (
  • I understand the importance of being energy conscious and careful with resources. I like the idea of living a more natural life, using solar and renewable energy sources, composting, growing your own food or community living. Or at least getting produce from local farmers markets.
  • Generally spreading around the reminder that we only have one planet and how we live.. in so many different ways.. is completely destroying it.
  • I’m interested in projects like The Zeitgeist Movement and Project Venus, alternative systems which propose the intelligent management of the Earth’s resources on a global scale, for the benefit of all. Or even eco-systems which promote community living, shared property and greener more earth friendly living.

What I found as I listed everything I would like to be more active about is that it all comes back to one thing. The thing I bang on about the most.. MONEY. The way we treat and use other people, our livestock, our resources, our woodland, the reason for our levels of pollution, the persistence of poverty and the list goes on – it is all used to create the most profit, regardless of the negative consequences. Everything is put into place to make our lives easier, cheaper and more convenient yet what are we leaving for future generations? The way we are living is unsustainable and short sighted. It is inhumane.

Does any other creature have to be careful how many resources it’s using? If any other species threatened our existence we would most likely wipe them out in a heartbeat and yet we give not a second thought to anything which stands in our way. We have destroyed the natural habitat of so many species that extinctions are happening at a rate fast enough for it to be classed as the sixth extinction, the fastest rate since the dinosaurs were wiped out. We are polluting environments faster than they can recover from. We are producing waste at an ever increasing rate with no sign of slowing down. We take animals away from their natural habitat and keep them locked up and in cages in attrocious conditions. This is not natural. Yet we let it happen. Every. Single. Day.

And why? Money. Greed. Selfishness. Our illusion of compassion and caring is just that. We show caring when the issue is staring us in the face but we find it too easy to forget and continue with our lives, putting our needs above the needs of others. We are kept occupied and distracted, staring at our screens and find it too difficult to decide how to live a better life or what changes to make. So we do nothing.

Do you find this acceptable? Now that you think about it.

If you don’t want to be inconvenienced too much make a small change. But do something. Don’t eat as much meat. Take a shorter shower. Stop using plastic bags and plastic straws. Don’t use your car one day a week. It’s not hard to find one thing to change. And then.. spread the word!

Look into it. Find sources, read up about stuff you care about. Be active. Show an interest. Make a change. Because there’s too many problems for me to do it all alone! And if you agree, get in touch, I want to hear from likeminded people with ideas about what we can do to make a real difference.


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